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Where we plan our work and then work our plan. This is the simple philosophy of the Company based on which is the story of success and list of achievements.
The latest technologies like .Net infrastructure, XML, Advanced Java, Visual C++ according to 2004 industry trends were developed and implemented in IT education to be offered online as diploma and certificate courses.

Ultramodern technology web tutors using Audio and Video demo techniques were developed to provide classroom like simulation for students.

Dewsoft online education added a new chapter in school education by adding comprehensive tutorials in Engineering and Medical Entrance subjects to guide school students for launching a successful career in education in the secondary level.

Dewsoft launches a new chapter in online IT education by adding tutorials in Hindi language. Modules like MS Office 2003, Hardware concepts, Internet, MS Access etc has been added totally in Hindi language.

In Non IT section, tutorials were added in Law, French speaking and Personality development.

For all the students joining Dewsoft online education, a free course is being provided for two months duration in the Academies in every city. This course covers latest topics like MS Office 2003, MS Access 2002, Hardware installation, Ecommerce and English speaking.

Dewsoft Education Academy entered into tie-up with Foreign universities like Halifax University, Hotel School and Southern Cross in UK, USA and Australia to 2 provide Foreign university education and Visa Assistance for the associates who wish to travel to the Developed countries for better prospects.

Dewsoft Education Academy grew 300% by opening 100+ new Academies all over the country and abroad and reaching 4 lakh online registration in 50 Countries in the World.

Dewsoft Education Academy also arranged several charitable education camps for the children of the prisoners in Orissa, poor women in Mahila ashram in Orissa, poor kids in Bhubaneshwar and Ambala and Orphans in Ravindra Orphanage Ashram in New Delhi. Dewsoft provided the kids with course materials, trainer and computers.

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