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Where we plan our work and then work our plan. This is the simple philosophy of the Company based on which is the story of success and list of achievements.
In Continuation of the Extensive Literacy drive undertaken last year by the company, DewSoft Organizing Free Education Camps in the remotest corners of in India, and Nepal, teaching more than 20,000 individuals Basic Computers, Hygiene, Personality Development taking the tally to more than 30,000 Students, a feat impossible by any private Non funded organization.

DewSoft Idol was organized on 14th and 15th of November 2006 to recognize and honor the gifted and the skilled channel partners over the rest. This Annual Event was introduced last year as a step towards increasing extra curricular activities amongst students and channel partners. Major parameters on which the participants were analyzed were, Confidence, Personality, Stage Performances, Product Knowledge, General Awareness, Presence of Mind, IQ. and so. Fierce Competitive spirit led to nail biting finish of the top 05, all better than the other in One aspect or other.

DewSoft Idol has led to a fundamental change in the approach of the Channel partners who became more conscious of the Standardization of the Presentation of the Self and the Program, and Most Importantly In depth knowledge of the Program's Product and usage.

Dewsoft Education Academy numbers rose to over 300 in this year, a 100% growth seen as from the last year, due to restructuring of entire operations. It promises to double its number and make up for the lost time during this year 2007 and towards achieving its targeted number of 2500 by 2010.

DewSoft filed for more than 30 Copyrights and Trademark in the year 2006, and now holds more than 150 copyrights

As a major achievement, Flagship courses offered by the DewSoft Education Academy were recognized by the employment board of the Andhra Pradesh.

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