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Achievements   [2005 | 2006 2007

Where we plan our work and then work our plan. This is the simple philosophy of the Company based on which is the story of success and list of achievements.

July 1999: 

DewSoft creates DewSoft Overseas to step into the Education Industry.

July 2000

DewSoft develops one of the largest Educational Portals of the World,

24th October 2000: 

DewSoft Overseas launches “” launched by Education Minister Dr. Narendra Nath

1st December 2000: 

DewSoft Overseas was incorporated

16th December: 

Developed the fastest associates network of 5000+ in just 50 days

15 February 2001: 

The first education center was inaugurated in New Delhi INDIA

October 2001-December 2001: 

Launched 15 Information Technology Training Centers in North India by the first anniversary.

February 2002-December 2002: 

Launched 15 more Information Technology Centers in Indian Subcontinent.

January 2003:

Launched new Global website,

January 2003 - Till Date : 

Launched 8 more Information Technology Training Centers in Indian Sub Continent.
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